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Click here to see a list of  (as received by Nov. 15, 1999, in response to the Commission’s invitation issued at its New York meeting) Issues and Policy Options Paper  (PDF, 103 kb) At its New York meeting in September, the Commission approved its Work Plan which called for the discussions at the New York meeting and additional inputs from Commissioners to be distilled into an Issues and Policy Options Paper. Pursuant to this guidance, the Commission’s nine-member Report Drafting Subcommittee created a paper and voted to present it to the full Commission for discussion in San Francisco. The paper consists of an introduction, seven sections and endnotes. Where areas of potential agreement surfaced in the drafting process, they were indicated in the document. The Commission has scheduled consideration of the paper at its meeting in San Francisco on December 14-15, 1999. To see the paper, click on the link above.

See the Transmittal & acec_report.pdf



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