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Recommendations on electronic commerce and tax policy, critical issues with global implications.

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The Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce was created by Congress and tasked with producing what is arguably the most important policy initiative of the information age: recommendations on electronic commerce, cryptocurrencies and tax policy, critical issues with global implications.


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The Commission completed its work with its Report to Congress. Although this site will be updated by our new team, it will remain available to the public courtesy of The Tech Center, part of the Ecommerce Commission. Questions about Commission activities may be addressed to the Office of the Chairman of the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce. The Commission wishes to express sincere thanks to the individuals and organizations that contributed to its study of electronic commerce and its Report to Congress.

Our New Team

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Jörden D

Electronic commerce Expert, Redactor

Angela U

Crypto Trader, Market trends analytics, Redactor

Marina E

Tax specialist, Redactor

Alfredo F

Cryptocurrency Trader, Redactor