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Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Not? Our review and test

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is a Bitcoin Trading Robot, i.e. an online trading software that applies trading strategies automatically on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. According to the creators of this software you can expect to earn up to more than 1000 euros per day depending on market conditions and the amount invested.

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How it works ?

Bitcoin trader uses tested cryptocurrency trading strategies, for which there is a very high probability of a winning exit. According to the creators of the Bitcoin trader software, the algorithms of this system are more than 95% reliable, this gives you a big advantage in making money, compare to traders who do not use a trading robot like Bitcoin Trader.

Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam?

There are a lot of scams out there in cryptocurrency circles, for these reasons it is always prudent to do your research and make sure you invest in serious projects and avoid scams. Before using Bitcoins Trader we wanted to check if it was a serious trading robot so did our own research.

To tell the truth, it is completely normal to be skeptical about Bitcoin trader, because a free system allowing to make money automatically seemed too good to be true. So where is the scam? What trick are the creators of this program using to extract money from us and rip us off?

The truth is, there is no such thing as a scam, the Bitcoin Trader software is completely free, as the creator earns a small commission for each winning trade. Which strikes us as completely fair and equitable.

Likewise we have done extensive research and there is not really any negative testimonial, most Bitcoin Trader users are very confident about results. We have tested it and got great result. We have come to the conclusion that Bitcoin Trader is not a scam, that many traders do not use this automatic trading software, and that returns can be relatively constant following market conditions.

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Is it possible to make profit with Bitcoin Trader?

Most Bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders are primarily motivated by the high returns that the cryptocurrency market provides compared to traditional assets such as the stock market or real estate. And it is quite legitimate to ask that trading with Bitcoin Trader allows you to generate profits.

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are many users who use Bitcoin Trader to trade cryptocurrencies. There are many testimonials on the internet of people claiming to earn more than 100 euros per day to several thousand euros. Some users even claim to have earned more than 1000 euros per day thanks to Bitcoin Trader. Even though the earnings are not fixed as they largely depend on the market, price volatility and various factors, we believe that Bitcoin Trader could be an attractive option to generate additional income through cryptocurrency trading.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin Trader?

It is a software that is easy to use and master, everything is done to make its use simple and fluid.

It is free software, no monthly subscription is necessary unlike other trading robot on the market. You can also use it in demo mode to familiarize yourself with the software before you start trading for real money.

Crypto currencies are very volatile assets, Bitcoin Trader takes advantage of this volatility for potentially very high gains.

It is a completely automatic system based on mathematics, statistics and probabilities. This allows the trader not to be distracted by their emotions of fear or greed that bullish or bearish market movements are likely to produce.

It is scientifically proven that it is the emotions that cause losses for most traders. Thanks to Bitcoin Trader, you have an advantage over the Human Trader, No more “Fomo” and irrational euphoria that causes losses for most traders. Robots are purely logical and have no emotion that affects their decisions in the market, thus giving you the greatest chance of making money compared to other trader who does not use an automated trading system like Bitcoin Trader.

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Why use Bitcoin trader

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the asset that has preformed the most in recent years, with a price that is soaring and increasingly optimistic price predictions. Bitcoin is hungry for financial giants and big entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, who sees it as a means to avoid inflation. However, the high volatility of Bitcoin can also work against you if you invest at the wrong time.

Imagine investing $ 10,000 in Bitcoin without a trading robot. You are in the middle of a bull market so the price of Bitcoin is going up. Every day, you wake up in the morning, you have your breakfast and you look at your Bitcoin wallet. You see the equivalent of your Bitcoin balance grow by $ 1,000 per day. Suddenly you are super reliable, you think about all the money you are going to earn from your investment in cryptocurrencies and you feel like a god, and it seems simple to you.

Then three days later, in the morning you wake up as usual to the bad news about Bitcoin arises and you see that the price of Bitcoin has dropped by 35%. Of course you didn’t think about selling when the price was right for you, so you didn’t earn anything because you didn’t sell at the right time.

This is the typical problem that happens to all Cryptocurrency investors and trader, they are not sure when to enter and exit the market and most people are not able to enter the low and exit the highest high.

This is where the usefulness of trading robots like Bitcoin Trader comes from for trading cryptocurrencies. In online trading, the emotional factor greatly impacts your write-offs and this is what is responsible for most of the losses. In most cases, traders without a robot end up losing because they are fooled by their emotion. They buy too late, at a price far too expensive seeing the cost soar and resell far too soon. Unlike the Human trader, trading robots like Bitcoin Trader have no emotions, they are trading software that uses tested trading strategies, based on statistics and mathematical probabilities, for which there is a very high probability of trading. winning exit. These automated trading systems use various technical indicators, coupled with powerful algorithms that apply trading strategies proven to be reliable in over 95% of cases, and it doesn’t matter if the market goes down or up.

How to start?

Register on Bitcoin Trader:

To get started, you need to register on the official Bitcoin trader website. To complete your registration you must provide basic information such as your email and phone number. Most reliable trading robots only ask as soon as necessary and protect your personal information in a professional manner.

Deposit money

Then you have to deposit a sum of money which will be your starting capital for investing. The minimum deposit must be 250 dollars or equivalent in euros so that the robot can operate in good conditions on the markets. You can also test Bitcoin Trader for free in demo mode to familiarize yourself with the platform and understand all the features before depositing and investing your own money.

Start Trading

To start using Bitcoin Trader, choose your preferred settings and start Bitcoin Trader startup. In your member’s area you can see the transactions carried out as well as your realized earnings. You can then withdraw your profits or re-invest them on the platform. Withdrawals follow various popular payment methods such as credit cards, wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller and more. Payments on Bitcoin Trader are fast and are done within 3 days. It is up to you to choose the preferred means of payment.

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Has Bitcoin Trader been featured on TV

There are many rumors about stars, great entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, or TV shows like dragon den’s claiming to use or portray Bitcoin Trader. All these rumors circulating on the internet are false and mostly come from fakenews, fake newspaper articles and dishonest advertising generated by dubious advertising companies like Taboola and Appbrain. These bogus news with high-profile headlines usually appear at the end of articles on large, well-known news and information sites, which use this ad to monetize their audiences. We recommend that you ignore it. No celebrity, entrepreneur, or TV show has featured or recommended this software, whether on the internet, on TV or in the newspaper.

Conclusion: our review on bitcoin Trader

Although cryptocurrencies offer better returns compared to traditional assets, they can be difficult to make money as this market’s volatility affects our emotions and decisions. Without the right strategy and mastery of your emotions, you are almost certainly doomed to lose. This is where trading robots like Bitcoin Trader can help us make money, through the application of totally Logical and Rational strategies, avoiding us to make silly and baseless decisions that cause losses of most traders. The world is changing at high speed and technology is here to make our lives easier, it would be foolish to not take advantage of these advances to easily earn more money.

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