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Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam or not? Our review and test

In this Bitcoin revolution experience report, I am going to share with you our experience with this trading robot, which is a very popular trading software these days though. Curiosity made us want to see in more detail what is behind it. What is Bitcoin Revolution? Is it possible to earn money with this software as claimed by the official site? Is it a scam or a serious site? We will answer all of these questions, hoping to give you the most relevant information about it.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is a cryptocurrency trading robot. That is to say a robot that exchanges cryptocurrencies automatically to generate profits thanks to the price differences of cryptocurrencies and classic currencies like the euro or the dollar. Thanks to its sophisticated algorithm based on artificial intelligence, this trading robot applies winning trading strategies in most cases, which allows you to automatically earn money through trading without having any particular knowledge in Analysis steps. According to the creators of Bitcoin Revolution, you can expect to make a lot of money like the thousands of other users who use trading software to make money from home.

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How it works ?

Robots are known to be faster and more reliable than humans at doing a number of things. One of the main advantage of a trading robot compared to a human trader is the lack of emotion. Robots are just logical and their actions are not influenced by emotions that could impact their decisions. We know that emotions make us make illogical decisions which are the main cause of losses in trading. Many retail traders lose money because they buy overpriced Bitcoin out of greed and end up selling everything panicking at the first Bitcoin price drop. Trading robots like Bitcoin Revolution could therefore be an interesting tool to help us make rational decisions and avoid the moment of excitement or panic in the markets which tend to have a hard impact on our profits.

Bitcoin Revolution uses an algorithm (artificial intelligence) which allows it to detect very quickly the best opportunities for entry and exit of the market. The robot buys an asset when its price is low and has a high probability of rising and resells it when the price rises, thus generating a capital gain thanks to the entry and exit price differences. Bitcoin Revolution can also make money in a market in decline thanks to the “short” position which allows you to bet on the fall of an asset and to pocket profits on the bearish price differential.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

Although the world of cryptocurrency is a lucrative market for many investors, there are also plenty of scams out there that could destroy your chances of making money or even lose it. For these reasons, it is always important to be well informed and do your own research before investing in anything relating to cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of scams and fakes based on ponzi schemes, MLMs, and other phony investments that are all about getting away with your money. In our case, it was only natural to be wary of Bitcoin Revolution, as the promise of free trading software that allows you to trade automatically seemed too good to be true.

So where is the scam? That she scam using Bitcoin Revolution to rip us off?

The truth is, there is no scam. Based on our research, Bitcoin Revolution is not a Ponzi scheme, MLM, or any other dishonest way to drain money which is a good point. According to our research, the software is free because the creator of this software earns a small commission for each user who uses this trading system, which we believe to be quite fair and equitable.

Is it possible to make profits with Bitcoin Revolution?

Before registering and opening an account with Bitcoin Revolution, it is quite normal to ask if you can actually make money with this software. So we did some research on the internet to see if other people have tested and experienced this software. We have come to the conclusion that there are many testimonials on the internet and social networks confirming that this is a serious software for making money through trading Bitcoin. From the experience of Bitcoin Revolution users, the profits can be very high. Some people testify to earn up to several thousand euros per day. Other people on social networks claim to have earned more than 1000 euros per day thanks to Bitcoin Revolution. Other users confirm that they have earned enough to pay their bills and are quite happy to have a good additional income in addition to their full-time work. Everything will depend on the amount invested and the conditions of the cryptocurrency market. Overall, Bitcoin Revolution users report that profits tend to be much higher when the market becomes more volatile than usual.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin Revolution?

In our experience with Bitcoin Revolution, Using a trading robot gives you many advantages to make money compared to the Bitcoin trader who does not use a trading robot to grow their money.

One of these advantages is the use of a reliable trading strategy over 95% of the time.

The second advantage and that this automatic trading platform is that it is 100% free while other trading robots require a paid subscription to be able to use them.

It is simple to use software, with an intuitive interface. Even people who are not very familiar with computers or trading can use it without any problem.

How to start?

To get started using Bitcoin Revolution, the first step is to create an account on their official website with an email address and phone number. Don’t worry, trading robots like Bitcoin Revolution don’t ask for any unnecessary information and protect them professionally. This information will allow you to connect to your member area and allow you to use the trading software from it.

Then, you have to make a first deposit which will be your starting capital to invest. We recommend that you start with the minimum sum which is 250 Euros, it is a sufficient sum to be able to start using it in good conditions. You can also use the demo mode which allows you to test different settings without risking your money

To start trading, you will see all the information concerning the use of the software. Everything is easy and very intuitive. Follow these guidelines to familiarize yourself with the platform and start trading.

Has Bitcoin Revolution been featured on TV?

There are a lot of rumors that Bitcoin Revolution has been featured on various TV shows such as Die Höhle der Löwen or by stars, great entrepreneurs and show business personalities. All these rumors are false and are spread via Fake News and advertisements disguised as newspaper articles from dubious advertising networks like taboola and appbrains. It only takes some research to realize that this is false information disseminated by them, appearing at the end of respectable newspaper articles, because the editors of these newspapers are increasingly using these advertisements to gain publicity. money on the backs of their readers.

You can see that the sites spreading this bogus information usually do not have a homepage and copy the look of a news site to fool you. Our best advice is to ignore it and check if the article is from the same original site or you have been redirected to an outside site. If clicking on those “recommended or sponsored content” thumbnails at the end of newspaper articles redirects you to another site, we recommend that you exit this new page and ignore these articles as they are mostly published. fallacious and deceptive time.

Conclusion: our Review on Bitcoin Revolution

The cryptocurrency world is littered with scams and bogus investments, but there are also some offers that are well worth looking into. This is the case with Bitcoin Revolution which is a serious trading software with which thousands of people can take advantage of the high volatility of cryptocurrencies to their advantage. Based on our experiences with Bitcoin Revolution, we can confirm that it is trading software that works well and that you can expect good results. Thanks to the Bitcoin Revolution trading software you can now have peace of mind using one of the most successful automatic trading systems available today. Technology is evolving at high speed and making our lives increasingly easier. It would be foolish not to take advantage of all these advances to invest and make our money grow more easily.

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